What’s the deal with Stonewell cookware?



A Stonewell pan combines all the elements of the best types of cooking technology. It has an extraordinary hard stone coating that is scratch resistant. This surface is absolutely non-stick, meaning you can cook without fattening oils or butter if you wish. And the heating characteristic means it gets hot quickly and evenly, giving you the greatest possible control of your cooking.


Cooking without the need for oils is an advantage. Good quality oils are part of a healthy diet, but heating them past the smoke-point destroys all the healthy qualities. Use Stonewell pans and enjoy cooking food in the most natural way possible; any oil can be used for the resulting flavour rather than the mechanics of keeping things non-stick. 



The handles of Stonewell pans are quality Bakelite, which stays cool even as you are cooking at the hottest temperature. The aluminium pan itself has small stone particles, making it unusually strong. These are pans that are designed to work for you, bring out the best in your cooking and last decades to come.



Stonewell cookware is dishwasher safe and easy to clean under any circumstance. The fact that the scratch resistant surface is hard and non-stick means there will never be much to clean anyway. A Stonewell pan is quite low maintenance.